Trouble For The Mets

Newsday released an article today, September 11, 2014 about how a former Mets executive was allegedly fired for having a baby out of wedlock. Read the Newsday article here. 



Interested in PSA’s? I am currently planning and filming my own PSA for my PR 106 class at Hofstra University. A public service announcement or public service ad, are messages in the public interest disseminated by the media without charge, with the objective of raising awareness, changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue. I decided that I wanted prescription pills to be the main topic. I also decided to pick a specific pill that many people abuse and that is, Percocet’s.

Today in our society there has definitely been an increase in over dosing on prescription pills. Many teenagers drink and use these pills to get a high.  

Recently at Hofstra University, a student was found dead in his dorm one morning after a party. It has been rumored he mixed alcohol with cocaine and Xanax at the party from the night before.

Teenagers don’t understand that these pills are not for recreational use. These pills are prescribed for certain people for a specific reason. Imagine the poor parents of the Hofstra University freshman student that received a call one morning that their son died in his sleep due to an overdose. It’s a scary situation and teenagers need to start really thinking about their actions and the consequences of doing something that is not safe.

I am hoping to make a change by creating a PSA on prescription drugs. I hope I can get a message across that will make teenagers think twice before taking a pill that could seriously hurt them or even kill them.

For more information on preventing prescription drug abuse, treatment and recovery you can visit,